Aloha,I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who came in to celebrate the Kohala Burger & Taco 5 year anniversary last week. As we embark on year six we find ourselves faced with new challenges.  As we have grown, so has our menu and food offerings.  Our current business flow and staffing abilities have forced us to reevaluate the menu.  As the Hawaii economy improves and unemployment levels drop to all time lows, the ability to grow our staff continues to be challenging.  Despite having a great work environment and offering some of the best pay on the Big Island, for Quick Serve Restaurants, we continually find ourselves understaffed for our business's  explosive growth. Something has got to give.. 

Over the next few weeks we will begin slowly transitioning to our new menu and format.  We have geared our new menu to focus on our original core offerings of primarily "burgers & tacos".  We have also done a thorough pricing analysis.The good news is that many of our prices will be staying the same or will be slightly reduced.  However we have identified a few cost trouble areas, where you will see some minimal increases. The most significant change is that we will be phasing out burritos and quesadillas, however they may be available occasionally as specials. The second adjustment you will notice is our new "Build your own" burger and tacos sections.  More than 50% of our guests insist on changing our menu items to adapt to their own preferences or dietary needs. The new BYO sections make it simple to do so without complicating regular menu items and slowing down everyone's experience.  Core menu items as described are priced to represent the best value. We will also be eliminating our "Early Eats" limited breakfast service, due to lack of interest.. We are really excited for this new chapter.  We are also pleased to present to you our new and improved taco salads and our new San Diego Style Fish Tacos. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you. Thank you for your patronage.

Chef Cary