under the circus tent!


The Kawaihae Shopping Center will be closed for fumigation May 14-16, 2018. In preparation for the closure we have been running down our inventory and we apologize if your favorite menu item is not available.

Our plan is to "re-build" our store and perishable food inventories beginning Wednesday May 16, however many of our vendor partners do dot deliver to Kawaihae until Friday, so some items may remain out of stock until Friday afternoon May 18, 2018.

As some of you know the Kawaihae Center was put into a receivership several years ago. This came after many many years of property owner neglect. The space once known as Tres Hombres (My first Chef Job, circa 1991) was left abandoned and vacant in the summer of '09 (I think).  It's open air construction has lent to a serious termite problem and this closure has now reached a point of becoming unavoidable. 

I just wanted to let you know what's was happening under the tent!

See you next week and thank you for your support.

Chef Cary

circus tent.jpg