on-line ordering & express


Let me first say Happy Holidays! I am so glad that we have made it back to the season. Things got a bit “dicey” there with the scary mainland press about the volcano and those “big hurricanes”. Seriously…we barely made it, thank you for your support!

I want to remind our regular and new guests, that during the holiday season our on-line order system will be the place where you can beat the holiday crowd and the “holiday prices”.

Beginning December 1, 2018 we will begin updating our on-line order “menu” to reflect only our most popular items, this will streamline the processes and allow us to offer more discounted menu items. Look for them sometime between Dec 1st and Dec 21st.

Our in-house holiday menu will be in effect Dec 21, 2018 to Jan 8, 2019. Some regular menu items may be discontinued during this time and PRICES will reflect our increased “holiday related” costs. Since two holidays fall on Taco Tuesday we will be offering our famous Crunchy Beef Tacos EVERY DAY during the holiday season, every day is Taco Tuesday while Holiday Menus and pricing are in effect. Our Hawaii Grass Fed Beef Crunchy Tacos offer a great value! Get DOS TACOS for only 7.99 or DOS TACOS MEAL DEAL (with fries and a Coke) for only 11.99. Taco Tuesday and other daily walk-in specials are NOT available for on-line ordering.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the on-line order process is designed to work best… when you order well BEFORE you arrive. Sometimes the simple processing of your on-line payment can take up to 5-10 minutes (it’s the internet). Then we have to make your food and it is made to order in the order (or the time YOU requested) as it is received. Please allow min. 25-30 minutes for pick-up. You may also want to place your order early (on line ordering opens at 10:35am) much like “reservations” a limited number of pick-up “time slots” exist and many peak-time slots (11:45am - 2:30pm) may have already been filled with other guest orders. It’s a first come first serve system.

Finally we have found the system to be very reliable! HOWEVER …we do not manage, fix or “trouble-shoot” the internet, your smart phone, your laptop or THE ON-LINE ORDER SYSTEM (it’s the internet) This service is made possible by a “third party provider” NOT KBAT! We all need to understand that it is not perfect! The discounts provided on-line are found ONLY on-line, if the system is down or you simply can’t work it, regular menu prices apply when ordering by telephone or in person. If you can not use the program you may call 808-880-1923 ext.9 to be transferred to the Revel Systems Help Desk or we will be happy to transfer your on-line ordering “trouble call” to ext.9. If you are receiving an error or forbidden 403 or 408 this is a device issue which could be many, many things. Call your device provider, try another device or order from a desktop. If there is a problem with the system… only the Help Desk can fix it or they may let you know when it might be fixed.

Sometimes in Hawaii the internet is down…like a few weeks ago when a truck took out the overhead lines in Kawaihae. When the internet is down in Kawaihae, on-line ordering won’t work! So if you want to eat and we are open and a crew member helps you, regular menu prices will apply. Please do not hassle KBAT staff about your on-line ordering issues or problems we apologize but we do not have the capability to solve them.

Mahalo for your patronage we look forward to seeing you this holiday season.

Chef Cary and the KBAT Crew.