Aloha and Happy Holidays,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to remind you that our "on-line" ordering system is up and running!

During the fall of 2017 we invested quite a bit of time and money to make this available to you, "our guests". We have designed the system to save you time and MONEY! That's right...for a limited time, "almost" everything from our "on-line" menu is value priced below our regular menu prices.  You can order as a guest or set up a profile, once you set up a profile on-line ordering is even easier.

All you have to do is visit our web sight kohalaburger.com or you can download our "app" at the Apple or Google store.

As we begin our holiday season (Dec 16th) it is important to know that we will not be accepting telephone orders from 11am-4pm, if you need to order ahead you will have to order on-line.  The on-line menu is more streamlined and gives you a few less choices for "changing" our food all around, please visit us in person to place orders that require special attention, as we strive to meet your dietary needs. 

Our goals are twofold, one, to provide a better experience for the guests who are here "right-now"  and plan on "dining-in" with us in our NEW and EXPANDED Kawaihae Dining Hall.  Secondly, we are confident that the on-line option will give our locals and regulars best value pricing (be sure to look for the VIP internet specials) speedier service, an opportunity to determine their own pick up time and skip the line.


Chef Cary