The Whales are Back in Kawaihae

One of the most amazing things about winter in Hawaii is to witness the annual visit of the humpback whales in our ocean. Every year they swim thousands of miles from the cold North to breed and calve in our warm waters. According to the Fishermen's Alliance for Conservation and Tradition there are about 11,000 humpback whales coming to Hawaii between December and March every year.

International efforts to protect these giants of the ocean have been so successful that they were recently taken off the endangered species list. This however does not affect the whaling moratorium, a global ban that was put into place about 50 years ago.

Right outside our little hometown of Kawaihae is one of their favorite playgrounds and you can often see them from the shoreline and beaches as they breach and spout. You can even get up close to them on board one of the great whale watching boats that are located in Kawaihae. See Captain B from “Endless Summer” for a memorable adventure.

Kohala Burger and Taco is committed to protecting the island's natural environment and besides using only Eco friendly, styrofoam free products to serve our dishes and beverages, we also take much care in finding sources for environmentally responsible caught fish and grass-fed beef. As a former “Keeping it Green” Award winner and finalist of “Nature's Plate” we will continue our efforts and improvements where and whenever possible!