Upcoming Menu Changes

 Aloha KBAT Guests,

I am writing to let you know about some exciting changes coming to our business, facility and menu.  Although we have not set an exact date for each menu change and new item roll out, we plan on phasing in some changes over the next month.  We expect all the changes to be complete by Memorial Day Weekend. It is a busy time at Kohala Burger & Taco, we are finished with the first phase of our remodel and kitchen expansion.  We have recently invested over $30,000 into the facility to better serve you and enhance your experience. Many of the upcoming menu changes are being made to accommodate our guest requests and dining needs. In addition to accommodating our guest requests we also must make some changes in order to continually execute great food.  Since our business volume has nearly tripled in recent years,  it is imperative that all of our menu items reflect our core operating principals and consistently deliver: Value, Speed and Accuracy.     Beginning May 1, 2015 we will no longer be offering "Uno Tacos"  This is and always has been an "off menu" category that has been previously offered as a "service" for lighter eaters.  The "single" taco offers little value and it was never what we set out to do.   From time to time we may offer a special which features a single taco. We are also working on a "Taco Combo" coming this fall which will include 1 taco. We will also be eliminating our "Tres Tacos Platters" the reasons for discontinuing these items are too numerous to mention here, the good news is that their removal makes way for several new and exciting menu items designed to better accommodate current palates. A few of the new items include Roasted Pork Tacos "Al Pastor" and "Beach Style" Fresh Fish Tacos, both feature a hand cut tropical pineapple salsa. Both of these new items are Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  We are also adding a basic Bean & Cheese Burrito and Crispy Bean Taco, both which are vegetarian.  These are just a few of the many great changes we are making, so don't worry all your favorites will still be here!

We are also simplifying our Milk Shake Menu and will be eliminating the "Premium" flavors this should help avoid confusion and speed up our milk shake process. Anyway you heard it here first. MahaloChef Cary